Gold for sale dealers,in Kenya.

Gold for sale in Kenya

The trade in minerals, metals and gold in Kenya and East Africa is and continues to be a profitable yet treacherous and valuable business.

Biz Brokers Kenya offers you a reliable partner in gold and precious stones brokerage and dealership.

We act for and represent small scale miners, sellers and independant delaers of Gold and other minerals, We source for, trade in and broker precious stones, Tanzanite, gold bullion, nuggets and other Minerals in Kenya and East Africa. A trusted name and a reliable partner.

Gold sellers Kenya.

The gold belt in Kenya stretches from Kakamega county down to Migori and into neigbouring Tanzania. With small scale miners and local prospectors all over western Kenya and East and Central Africa region.

We represent several independant small scale miners, sellers and prospectors. For secure purchase and export of gold.

You cannot trade in, deal in or Export Gold and other precious metals, without a valid Dealer license and a Export License from the Ministry of Mining

Biz Brokers Kenya, together with our parent company Amadi Advocates ensure that your Dealing and Export of gold and Precious metals in Kenya is valid and above board.

We also assist in the legalization, brokerage and security of your gold transactions in Kenya by ensuring that you are conducting a clean transaction.

Gold for sale in East Africa

Biz Brokers Kenya brokers gold and other minerals for sale either directly or as agents / dealer for small sellers.

Contact us for an inquiry into our stocks or for sourcing of gold for you at reasonable and secure terms.

Ready gold for sale Kenya.

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Gold trade summary.


gold for sale in Kenya

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gold for sale Kenya

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