Gold for sale dealers,in Kenya.

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Gold for sale in Kenya

The trade in gold is and continues to be a profitable yet treacherous and valuable business.

Biz Brokers Kenya offers you a reliable partner in gold and precious stones brokerage and dealership. We source for, secure, trade in and brokers gold bullion and nuggets. A trusted name and a reliable partner.

How to export gold from Kenya

To export gold and other precious metals and stones from Kenya one has to be a licensed dealer and Licensed exporter.

You cannot trade in, deal in or Export Gold and other precious metals, without a valid Dealer license and a Export License from the Ministry of Mining

Biz Brokers Kenya, together with our parent company Amadi Advocates is a fully Licened Dealer and Exporter of gold and Precious metals

We also assist in the legalization, brokerage and security of your gold transactions in Kenya by ensuring that you are condcuting a clean deal


How to apply for a gold dealer and Export License in Kenya

  1.  Name and address of applicants.
  2. Copy of Certificate of Registration and if a Company copy of Memorandums and articles of association.
  3. Export license.

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