Gold trade Due Diligence and Background Checks in ,Kenya.

Gold for sale Due diligence in Kenya

At Biz Brokers Kenya we provide and end to end due diligence support service, background checks and compliance verification of all your transactions.

Biz Brokers Kenya as an experienced consultant in applications and compliance to traders in gold and other metals and minerals in the region is well placed to offer you verification and compliance backgrounds to your transactions and dealings in Kenya and the East African Region.

Our Due Diligence services include

  1. Company records checks and verification.
  2. Dealer license checks and verification.
  3. Storage and holding company backgrounds.
  4. Company trade and tax background checks
  5. Director checks
  6. Litigation and criminal background checks.
  7. Any other special request and investigation services.

We provide a discrete and reliable information and investigative service for all your transactions in Kenya and the region..

Biz Brokers Kenya shall be instrumental in your path to a legal and licensed gold and mineral trade in Kenya.

Gold business in Kenya

Gold being elusive and an aggressively demanded commodity, most people are in a hurry to carry out a transaction which ends up in pain and great financial losses.

Seek a licensed Dealer for your transactions..

Business compliance is our specialty, Business startup is our passion. We are in the Business of Business.