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Biz Brokers Kenya provides you with timely, accurate and current company records and information. We have been in the the Business of company information services for over 13 years providing you with an experiences and dedicated service all over Kenya.

Company Director and shareholder information Kenya.

With our experience and extensive networks can obtain Business and Company records and information at request. For in depth reports, research, assessments, Due diligence information and records searches.

Our Company information and records searches include.

  • Company search.
  • Directors and shareholders.
  • Company Share holding structure.
  • Current and previous company officials.
  • Status of current annual returns.
  • Mortgages and debentures registered.
  • Registered office.

We provide in-depth company information, research and reports on request.
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How do I find company information in Kenya?

To find company records or information you need to apply for a CR12 or official search via the eCitizen platform.

What is a CR12 or official search?

An official search of a CR12 is an official record of the current status of a company issued by the registrar of companies upon application and payment of the prescribed fees.
A CR12 contains the following information.

  1. Name of company.
  2. Registration number of the company.
  3. Date of registration.
  4. Registered office of the company.
  5. Nominal capital of the company.
  6. Names and addresses of the directors of the company.
  7. Names addresses and division of shares of the shareholders.

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