eTA VISA application services in Kenya.

Traveling to Kenya has become more accessible than ever with the introduction of the new Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system. <
This new system is intended to make the process of obtaining a visa for your Kenyan visit quicker and more convenient.
In this guide, we walk you through the Kenya eTA visa application process, ensuring a smooth journey right from the start.

On a visitor visa, you can stay in Kenya for a period of up to 90 days.

Requirements for eTA visa application in Kenya?

To make an eTA VISA application in Kenya, you shall require the following.

  1. Valid Passport:

    A valid passport for at least six months beyond your anticipated arrival date in Kenya. Also, confirm that your passport has at least one blank page available. This space is necessary for immigration officials to stamp upon your arrival and departure.

  2. Photograph:

    Provide a recent passport photograph. This can be a clear selfie picture or a soft copy passport photo. .

  3. Contact Information:

    • Telephone number
    • Postal address
    • email address.
  4. Travel Itinerary:

    Provide clear details of your travel plans in Kenya. This includes

    • Dates of your arrival
    • Dates of your departure.
    • Duration of stay in Kenya.
    • Flight number for YOUR journey

  5. Accommodation Details:

    Details of your accommodation stay in Kenya. This include

    • Hotel booking confirmations
    • other accommodation arrangement during your visit
    • Clear picture of your stay arrangements
    • Full names and Physical Address of the Host in Kenya.

  6. Payment Method:

    Provide a reliable payment method for the application fee. This include

    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • Apple Pay
    • Other forms of electronic Payments.

  • Other Requirements
  • Applicants Physical Residential address
  • Application Cover Letter from the company or organization offering employment for business VISA.
  • VISA requirements for tourists

  • A Onward Ticket - Return ticket or A Round Trip ticket (for Transit eTA holders)
  • Business VISA

    1. Invitation Letters from the company, extending your invitation for business or an Invitation Letter for business visits presenting your case. Invitation Letter
    2. Copies of the Registration of Company
    3. Person Countersigning The Invitation Letter Copy of National ID and Staff ID

    VISA For Meetings / Workshop / Seminars / Training / Retreat:

    1. Invitation Letter From The Host
    2. Attach Copy of Company Registration Certificate
    3. National ID and Staff ID of Person Countersigning the Invitation Letter )

    Kenya eTA Application Process

    Applying for a Kenya eTA Online VISA is a simple process which includes the following.

    1. Application Form: Complete the Online application form.
    2. Payment: Pay the eTA fee, which varies based on your country. Payment options include debit or credit cards and PayPal.
    3. Document Upload: Provide a recent passport-sized photo (taken within the last 6 months), a scanned copy of your passport, and confirmations for at least two hotel bookings. After uploading these, submit your application.

    The system will checks for errors or missing information. If any mistake is found, you will receive an email notification for corrections.
    Once the corrections are done, your application will proceed to approval and the eTA is sent to your email.

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