Immigration services in Nairobi, Kenya.

At Biz Brokers Kenya, we offer an experienced immigration consultancy service to both Organizations, Businesses and individuals all over Kenya and the world. With over 13 years experience in immigration services under our belt, we pride in being a leading consultant and experienced service provider in all matters immigration.

Immigration processes and different Immigration permits in Kenya require patience, knowledge and experience.

The immigration process in Kenya has undergone continuous amendments, regulatory and procedural changes and is regularly updated to suit current Business and Security trends and international conventions. We pride ourselves with being conversant and up to date with all processes at all times.

If you are visiting Kenya, whether as a Tourist, for Business, Employment, as a Dependant, student, volunteer or missionary one needs to acquire a Visa or appropriate immigration Permit to make your stay lawful and to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

Entry and Business permits are issued to all qualifying Non Kenyans wishing to seek employment or engage in Business or other activities within Kenya. We provide you with an efficient and experienced business and personal immigration service.

Our Immigration Permit services in Kenya include

  1. Apply for a Class G Investor Permit in Kenya : Business and Investor Immigration Permits.

  2. Apply for a Class D Work Permit in Kenya : Specific Employment immigration Work Permits.

  3. Apply for Permanent Residency in Kenya: Permanent Residence Status in Kenya.

  4. Apply for Refugee work Pemit in Kenya: Class M Refugee permit in Kenya.

  5. Apply for a Special Pass in Kenya: Temporary immigration Special Pass.

  6. Apply for a Dependant Pass in Kenya: Dependant immigration Pass.

  7. Apply for Kenya Citizenship: Kenya citizenship.

  8. Apply for Class I Missionary Permit: Missionary or charitable work Immigration permits.

  9. Apply for Class K Ordinary retiree Permit: Ordinary residency immigration Permits. commonly referred to as the retirees Permit.

  10. Apply for a Student Pass : Student Pass or Student VISA in Kenya.

  11. Apply for a Intership Pass : Research / Internship Pass or application in Kenya.

  12. Apply for a Multiple Entry Visa : A multiple entry VISA application.

  13. Apply for a Buiness Visa : Kenya Business VISA application.

  14. Apply Kenya Visa : Kenya eTA VISA application.

Other types of immigration Permits and passes in Kenya

  1. Class A. Mining and Prospecting Issued for Mining activities in Kenya. Oil, gas and Minerals
  2. Class B. Agriculture and husbandry Permit..
  3. Class C. Professional practice permits. Issued to Professionals like Doctors, surgeons practicing in Kenya.
  4. Class F. Manufacturing and industry.

Contact us for application for other Classes of Permits.

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As seasoned immigration agents in Kenya, we provide you with all immigration solutions and consultancy services in Nairobi, Kenya.

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