Government records searches in Kenya.

Biz Brokers Kenya provides an all round public records search all over Kenya.
You require records searches for different business processes and purposes

We provide the following record searches in Kenya.

Types for public record searches in different public registries all over Kenya This include.

  1. Kenya Birth records.
  2. Kenya Marriage records.
  3. Kenya Death Records.
  4. National ID record search
  5. Education certificate records checks
  6. Divorce petition checks
  7. Property title deeds.
  8. Related searches
  9. Certified copy of Birth certificate in Kenya.
  10. Certified copy of marriage certificate in Kenya.
  11. Certified copy of Death certificate in Kenya.
  12. Kenya Company records.

Public records that are not secret can be accessed and copies thereof processed in different registries are the country.

Types of public records we process.

    Marriage certificates.

    Birth certificates.

    Death certificates.

    Company certificates.

Public records search and information all over Kenya.

What we do <p>

We provide practical solutions to individuals, Businesses and organizations for you registration and compliance requirements all over kenya

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