Application for a certified copy of a birth certificate in Kenya?.

According to Civil Registration department, to replace a lost birth certificate, one must sign up or log in to the eCitizen account. or make an personal physical application at Huduma centers across the country

To Replace a Lost or damaged Birth Certificate in Kenya can be done online in the applicants eCitizen account following the procedure as follows,

Online Application for a certified copy of a birth certificate in Kenya,

  1. Log into your eCitizen account.
  2. Scroll to Civil Registration Of Persons.
  3. Click on Current Birth Certificate.
  4. On the Application for Current Birth Certificate page, click Next.
  5. On the applicant's details page, select:
    • Type of Application: Replacement Birth Certificate.
    • Pickup Location: Choose your best location.
    • Residential Address: Insert your residential location.
    Click Next.
  6. Child's Details:
    • Is the Child over 18 years of Age? Yes (As applicable).
    • Was the Child Born in a Health Facility? Yes (or as applicable).
    • County of Birth: Nairobi (As applicable).
    • Hospital of Birth in Nairobi County: Pumwani Hospital (or as applicable).
  7. Name of the Child for Kenyan citizens or Alien card holders:
    • ID Number
    • Identification type
    • First Name (The system shall pull up your details)
  8. Date of Birth *
  9. Gender of Child
  10. Parents' Information:
    • Parents Information
    • National ID of mother
    Click Next.
  11. If you don't have the birth notification, please attach scanned copies of the following documents:
    • Scanned copy of Notification of Birth
    • Attached scan of the birth certificate
    • Attach scan of Parents' Identification Document

Manual Application for Replacement Birth Certificate in Kenya

You can also make a physical application for replacement of a lost birth record in Kenya

Manual Application

  1. Visit Huduma Centre and bring a copy of the birth notification.
  2. Fill in the application form (form B1) and submit it together with
    • original birth notification
    • original IDs
    • IDs of both parents
    • t would help if you also had the birth certificates of both parents
  3. Pay the required fee, which ranges between Kshs 50-180
  4. Wait for a notification from the civil registry

Requirments for application of a certified copy Birth certificate in Kenya.

  1. The notification of birth from the hospital or clinic card.
  2. Original national ID card
  3. Passports, National ID or birth certificates of the parents.
  4. If any of the parents are dead, you will be required to present their death certificate.
  5. Your baptismal card.
  6. A printout from the National Registration Bureau if you can’t access your parents’ IDs

How long does it take to get a copy of birth certificate in Kenya?

The application for a certified copy of a birth certificate in kenya takes an average of two weeks to process.

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