Seychelles marriage Certificate attestation, Kenya.

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Seychelles marriage certificate legalization in Kenya.

Biz Brokers Kenya Provides you with attestation and legalizationservices in Kenya for marriages conducted in the Seychelles.

Requirments for attestation of a Seychelles marriage in Kenya.

Civil Marriages conducted in Seycheles can be legalized and attested in Kenya, The following are required.

  • Original marriage certificate.
  • Letter of authentication / Certificate form the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Seychelles.
  • Authorization letter.
  • Copies of passport of the applicants

How to legaliza a Seychelles marriage certificate in Kenya.

One the required documents are delivered to Kenya, the process of legalization and attestation of the marriage certificates follows.

  1. The Original certificate of marriage. The Letter of authentification, the Athourity letter and copies of the passports of the applicants are delievered to the Syechelles consultate in Nairobi,
  2. After verification and authentification, the marriage cerficicate is attested via apostille stamp.
  3. The legalizaed marriage certificate is then delievered to the embassy or consulate of the relevant country for legalization.

The process takes an average of 7 day. However, considering the COVID protocals of different Embassies, times may vary from case, to case.

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marriage certificate Apostille service in Kenya.