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Apostille is the process through which a document issued in one country can be certified for legal purposes another country under the Hague Apostille Convention. It is generally an international certification comparable to the notarization of a document under domestic law. This means means that a document with an Apostille stamp will be legal for use in any other country that has signed the convention.

Document Apostille requirements in Kenya.

  1. Original document. - You are required to produce the Original Document and a copy of the original for verification .
  2. Notarized Copy. - You shall attach a Notarized copy of the Original document.
  3. .

How to Apostille a Document in Kenya.

Generally the following process are undertaken to Apostille a document in Kenya.

  1. The Original certificate or document is submitted for verification and certification by the issuing Authority, institution or department.
  2. The verified Document is Notarized by a Notary Public in the country of origin.
  3. The document is then delivered to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Apostille. In some countries there are registered Apostille agents.
  4. The final document is delivered to the Foreign Embassy and legalized.

Commonly Apostille documents in Kenya.

  1. Birth Certificates.
  2. Marriage certificates.
  3. Educational certificates and transcripts.
  4. Death certificates.
  5. Company documents and certificates.

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