Type approval of telecommunication equipment in Kenya.

Type Approval is the requirement for Radio and Telecommunications Equipment apply for and conformity with the expected set technology national and international standards in Kenya.
Type approval is a process in which the CAK reviews and certifies that telecommunication equipment or system meets the technical and performance standards.
In Kenya, the Communications Authority (CA) is responsible for regulating the telecommunications and broadcasting sectors, and it issues type approval certificates for telecommunications equipment that is imported or used in the country.

To obtain type approval for telecommunications equipment in Kenya, you need to consult with the CA and follow the procedures outlined in their Technical Regulations for Equipment Approval. This involve submitting equipment, documentation and test reports demonstrating that your equipment meets the relevant technical standards and requirements. This may include information about the equipment's compliance with safety standards, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards, and other technical requirements.

It is important to note that type approval is separate from licensing, which is also required for the operation of telecommunications equipment in Kenya. You will need to obtain a license from the CA in order to legally use your equipment in the country.

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Requirements for Communications Authority of Kenya type approval.

  1. An application for Type Approval must be made using the CAK Application Form for Type Approval/ Type Acceptance of ICT Equipment
  2. The documents listed below must be submitted together with the Type Approval Application Form:
    • A letter of Agency from manufacturer or principal distributor.
    • Sample of equipment/device model, complete with associated accessories and attachments. The Authority is not obliged to return to the applicant, equipment that has been submitted for type approval purposes.
    • Technical Manuals (Operation, Programming, specifications) in English.
    • User Manuals in English.
    • Soft copies of Conformance certificates from a Regulatory Authority or accredited laboratory, Test reports and results (RF, EMC & Safety) from manufacturers or accredited testing laboratories in English.
    • A valid copy of the applicants CAK License and Compliance certificates
    • Evidence of payment of the non-refundable Type Approval/Acceptance application fee.
  1. The CAK shall use the laboratory and manufacturer’s test reports and technical documentation to evaluate the equipment submitted for type approval. The Authority has no obligation to return these laboratory test results and technical documentation to the applicant.
  2. If the equipment is found to comply with the mandatory standards and specifications in all respects, a Provisional Type Approval or Authority to Use shall be granted to the applicant as appropriate.
  3. If the application is rejected, the Authority shall inform an applicant.

Types of Equipment that require type approval

All models of communications equipment intended for use within the public telecommunications space is subject to type approval by the CAK.

Communication equipment that require Type approval include.

  1. All Mobile cellular devices 3G/4G/5G and future generations
  2. Public Switched Telephone Network equipment including PABX, Fax, telephone handsets.
  3. Radio communication equipment including CB, HF, UHF,VHF, Microwave, Satellite, Broadcast transmitters.
  4. Data equipment Eg, Routers, modems, switches.
  5. Digital Set top boxes (Satellite and Cable)
  6. Etc

Who needs to apply for type approval?

All Businesses that wish to market, sell or use communication equipment in Kenya must apply for type approval of their equipment through the CAK before it can be used in the Kenyan market.
Only licensed entities may to market, sell or distribute communication equipment in Kenya after successfully applying for and obtaining type approval from the CAK for each model of equipment they intend to market, sell or distribute in Kenya.

Before submitting the application the Applicants are advised to refer to

  1. List of Type Approved Equipment
  2. Type Approval Rejected Equipment

Type approval Exemption in Kenya?

There are certain circumstances in which Radio and telecommunication equipment may be exempt from type approval requirements in Kenya. According to the CA's Technical Regulations for Equipment Approval, equipment may be exempt from type approval if it meets certain criteria, such as:

  • The equipment is a spare part or component that is intended to be used in conjunction with approved equipment
  • The equipment is being used temporarily, such as for testing or demonstration purposes
  • The equipment is being used in a closed system or network that is not accessible to the public

Type approval telecommunication equipment in Kenya

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More information and applicable forms can be obtainer from the CAK website

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