Application for citizenship by marriage in Kenya.

The immigration Law under section 11 generally provides that If you have been married to a Kenyan National for a period of more that 7 years, you shall be entitled to apply for citizenship. The Citizenship and immigration Laws provide that the applicant shall be entitled to be registered as a citizen of Kenya under the following conditions.

  • The marriage was registered under laws recognized in Kenya, whether in Kenya or outside.
  • The applicant is not a prohibited immigrant under Kenyan Law.
  • The applicant has not been convicted for any offence in under 3 years.
  • The marriage was not entered into for the purpose of acquiring a legal status or privilege with regards to citizenship.
  • The marriage is subsisting at the time of the application

Requirements for application for citizenship by marriage in Kenya

To make an application for Citizenship by marriage in Kenya, you shall require the following.

  • Executed application form.
  • Copy of valid marriage certificate.
  • Copy of PIN registration certificate of Kenyan Spouse or both where applicable.
  • A joint sworn affidavit.
  • Passport photos of the applicant.
  • Copy of Spouses Birth Certificate.
  • Copy of spouses Kenyan passport / ID.
  • Copy of applicants Country citizenship certificate.
  • Copy of good conduct certificate of applicant.
  • Copy of passport of the applicant.
  • Copy of the dependent pass/permit, where applicable. (applicants)

The application Citizenship is a strict process and qualified applicants are screened and processed by the immigration department. We at Biz Brokers Kenya ensure your application meets the sets standards and is likely to be approved and successful.

How to get citizenship in Kenya by marriage.

If you are married to a Kenyan Citizen for over 7 years and meet the set out requirements you may apply for citizenship subject you the set out terms and conditions.

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Become a Kenyan citizen by marriage

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