Gold, pearls, cobalt and mineral dealer License, Kenya.

Mineral dealer licensing in Kenya is dome under the Departments of Mines and Geology in Kenya via the Mining Cadastre Portal.
Mineral Prospecting, Mining, Dealership and Export Licenses all have different requirements and registration processes in Kenya.
Except otherwise provided for in the Mining Act and under these regulations, a person shall not deal in minerals unless the person holds a license or permit granted by the Cabinet Secretary for that purpose
A mineral dealer’s license grants a qualifying person the right to buy, sell a mineral and export a mineral. We offer a in depth consultation, compliance and mineral licensing services to prospective dealers.

Mineral Dealing license applications in Kenya.

  1. Both holders of existing Mineral Dealer licenses and those wishing to apply for the first time must register Online for access to the Mining Cadastre Portal. The application must be accompanied by the following documents, in digital form, which will be uploaded on the self-registration page:
    1. Proof of identity (National Identity Card / Passport)
    2. If an employee or agent, a Letter of Authority signed by a company director authorizing the individual to act on behalf of the company or person.
  2. A user profile will be automatically created in the Mining Cadastre Portal and an email sent to the user's registered email address with a link to set a password for the first time.
  3. The Ministry of Mining will then verify the submitted documents and application, and if no problems are detected, an email will be sent to the applicant confirming their successful registration.

Types of Mineral licenses in Kenya,

  1. Mineral dealer’s license
  2. Mineral dealer’s permit
  3. Export permit
  4. Import permit

Mineral dealer licenses are generally issued to the following

  • Export by a holder of a mining license, mining permit and artisan mining permit
  • Removal of minerals by a holder of a mineral right for the purposes of sampling, assay or analysis
  • Buying and selling of any mineral in Kenya or export by a person other than a holder of a mineral right
  • Import of any mineral
  • Any other person who is not a holder of a mineral right, dealers licenses and permits but requires the removal of minerals for analysis or testing for purposes other than exploration or mining

Requirements mineral dealer License in Kenya.

  1.  The full name, nationality and contact and physical address of the applicant.
  2. In the case of a company.
    • Copy of certificate of incorporation.
    • Copy of memorandums and articles of association.
  3. Work or Investor Permit for foreign applicants.
  4. the name of the mineral or minerals for which the license is sought
  5. a certified or signed statement or formal letter of intent from a bank or any financial institution of the funds available to the applicant
  6. Financial Information in case of Export Dealers.
  7. description of the knowledge or experience of the applicant in relation to any previous dealings in minerals

Type of Minerals in Kenya

A licensed mineral dealer in Kenya can deal in the following minerals.

  1. Construction and Industrial Minerals [gypsum, limestone, diatomite etc.]
  2. Precious Stones [diamonds, emeralds, rubies etc]
  3. Precious Metals [gold, platinum etc]
  4. Semi-Precious Stone Group [amazonite, amber, cheryl etc]
  5. Base and Rare Metals [Copper, manganese, tantalum etc]

Obligations of a licensed mineral dealer in Kenya

A newly licensed Mineral Dealer shall.

  1. carry out mineral dealings in accordance with the conditions set out in the permit
  2. commence mineral dealings within thirty(30) calendar days from the date the permit
  3. buy the minerals specified herein from only holders of
    • artisanal mining permits
    • mining permits
    • mineral dealer’s permit or license
  4. sell the mineral to the National Mining Corporation or to any person who is lawfully entitled to deal in minerals in Kenya that the Cabinet Secretary may direct
  5. Keep a register of the mineral dealings in the prescribed form
  6. Record the following information in respect of each transaction-
    • the name and weight of the minerals purchase or sold.
    • The price paid or received for the minerals.
    • The date of the purchase or sale.
    • The name and address of the vendor or the purchaser

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