Non-Governmental Organization bank Account Opening in Kenya.

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) play a vital role in Kenya's social and economic development. Whether they focus on healthcare, education, environmental conservation, wildlife conservation, or any other cause, NGO's require effective financial management.
One critical aspect is the opening of bank accounts specific to their objectives and operations. In this article, we will walk you through the essential requirements and steps to open an NGO bank account in Kenya

NGO Bank Account Opening Requirements in Kenya.

Please note that all NGO bank accounts should have at least one substantive Kenyan board member as a signatory

  1. Recommendation letter to open bank accounts. - It is a requirement that all registered NGO's seeking to open bank accounts seek authority in writing from the NGO's Coordination Board. This is an administrative requirement and is not contained in neither the Act nor Regulations. This is also one of the terms and conditions attached to certificate of NGO registration
  2. Introduction letter to the Executive Director (ED) of NGOB The letter must specify the bank, branch and the signatories for the account the NGO intent to open
  3. Copy of minutes signed by registered officials- Stating the signatories and signing instructions. The minutes must resolve to open bank account. The minutes MUST also stipulate the branch and the signatories of the account. The minutes must be submitted within 14 days from the date of the meeting. In some instances an official of the organization may be out of the country and cannot sign the minutes.
  4. Processing fees - being is KES 4000
  5. Certificate of Registration: A copy of your NGO's certificate of registration issued by the NGO Coordination Board.
  6. Constitution: A copy of your NGO's constitution, outlining its objectives, governance structure, and operational guidelines.
  7. Board Resolution: A resolution from your NGO's board of directors or governing body authorizing the opening of the bank account and designating authorized signatories.
  8. Proof of Physical Address -Provide evidence of your NGO's physical address, such as utility bills or a lease agreement. This is necessary to establish your organization's location.
  9. A copy of the ID/passport of each signatory
  10. A copy of the KRA PIN certificate for the NGO and the officials.

How to apply for a NGO bank account in Kenya.

After drafting a recommendation letter to The NGO coordination Board, if approved the board shall provide you with a authorization letter which shall be presented to the bank alongside the bank requirements. .

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