Registering an NGO in Kenya.

NGO Registrations in Kenya,

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NGO Name search

The registration of an NGO in Kenya Generally begins with a name search.
The Applicant makes a request to the NGO Board proposing three (3) names by which the organization could be named.
A name search is then conducted at a fee to be stipulated by the board. A name is then reserved. Once this has been done, the Applicant can then file a formal application for registration.

Requirements for NGO registration in Kenya.

  1. Proposed names for the NGO. Three names in order of preference. Name search is conducted by Form2 upon payment of Kes.1000/=.
  2. Contact Information of the proposed organization. IE
    • Proposed physical registered address.
    • Postal address
    • Telephone number
    • Email address
  3. Details of the top three officials of the NGO.
    • Chairman.
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • At least one Board Member
  4. The charitable objectives of the organization.
  5. A list of board members.
  6. Duly filled Form 1 stating the organizations contact person
  7. Two colored passport size photographs on a white background of the proposed three officials and two other board members with their names and organization written at the back
  8. Copies of
    • National ID or passports of the officials.
    • KRA Pins of the officials
    • Tax compliance certificates of the officials
    • Police clearance certificates of the officials ( Good conduct certificate) Including finger printing receipts.
    • Notarized Police clearance certificate for Foreign officials.
  9. At least One third of all the board members MUST be Kenyan for all foreign based organizations.
  10. A Copy of a valid police clearance. Certificate of Good Conduct including the finger prints and receipts for Kenyans and equivalent notarized Police clearance certificate for Foreigners from their Country of Origin. This certificates (MUST not be more than six months.
  11. A draft constitution of the proposed NGO, which must be signed by three officials and the two board members.
  12. Minutes on the NGO authorizing the filing of the application with a specific resolutions.
  13. The application MUST be accompanied with a proposed one year budget of the NGO.
  14. The application MUST be accompanied with a forwarding cover letter.
  15. The application MUST contain original signatures of the three officials and board members of the NGO as applicable
  16. The application should either be typed or filled in block letters.

Procedure of Registering of an NGO in Kenya.

  1. Name search. proposed names of the NGO in a prescribed form 2 for approval to the Non-Governmental Organizations Board.
  2. The registry will conduct search and recommend the reservation.
  3. Submission of Application alongside
    • Form 1
    • Form 3
    • The constitution of the NGO
    • The Budget of the NGO
    • The cover Letter
  4. Notification of Registered address of the NGO and the postal address of the proposed organization .

Which Documents are Required in NGO Registration in Kenya.

  1. Cover letter requesting for registration.
  2. Duly executed Form 3 in original Forms.
  3. Duly executed Form 1 .
  4. Two colored passport size photographs of the proposed officials and two other board members.
  5. The Name Reservation Form duly approved and paid for
  6. The Constitution of the NGO in Triplicate, signed by the proposed officials and at least two other board members.
  7. Minutes authorizing the filing of the application for registration with a specific agenda and resolution.
  8. A notification of the registered office of the NGO and the postal address of the NGO.
  9. The application is then lodged with the NGO board offices.

How long does it take to register an NGO in Kenya?

To register an NGO in Kenya generally takes an average of three months to complete the entire registration process.
The NGO Board will send you an acknowledgment letter, upon receipt of your application. A registration certificate will be issued once your application meets the set requirements.

NGO Coordination Board Kenya

The NGO Co-ordination Board is responsible of the regulation and Registration of NGO's in Kenya.

Information Required to register an NGO in Kenya.

  • The Ministry under which the objectives fall
  • A detailed work plan for first year of operation
  • Itemized Budget for First year of Operation
  • Comprehensive organization chart
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between the NGO and any donors.
  • Details where the NGO is a branch of an already registered locally or overseas NGO.
How to open an NGO bank account in Kenya.

Here is a guide for NGO Bank account opening in Kenya.

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