Kenya Non-Governmental Organization Board work Permit endorsement.

All Non-Governmental Organizations in Kenya who seek to apply for Work Permits for any foreign national must seek clearance and endorsement from the Non-Governmental Organization coordination Board before the Department of Immigration can process the Work permit application.

The application of Work permit for an NGO expatriate is elaborate and lengthy and is geared toward vetting, regulation, supervision and protection of the local Job market. To encourage NGO's to seek a work force from qualified Kenyans.

It is important to note that strategically qualified expatriates who qualify to apply for a Work Permit in Kenya may apply and successfully process a Work Permit.

Requirements for NGO Board work permit Endorsement.

To get NGO Board endorsement you shall.

  1. Detailed cover letter of Appointment from the organization.
  2. Form 25. Executed. – Class D application form.
  3. Report on employment form..
  4. Contract from the employer.
  5. All relevant copies of applicants’ certificates and detailed Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.
  6. Certified copy of the applicant’s Passport.
  7. Passport size photo (in white or Grey background).
  8. Copy of the advertisement done in at least one National Circulation Newspaper in Kenya of the required position - If done.
  9. Details of Understudy if identified to take up the position upon expiry of the work permit.
  10. List of employees in the organization entailing their names, nationality, job titles, email address and mobile contacts. (Local and Expats)
  11. Criminal clearances certificate an equivalent of a certificate of good conduct in Kenya from the applicant’s Country of origin for first time applications and has to be certified by any registered local lawyer.

How to apply for a NGO Work Permit in Kenya.

The NGO coordination Board shall thereafter process the application and give its approval or denial within a period of 4 to 8 weeks.
Where an endorsement letter is issued. The applicant may then forward the application to the Department of immigration and proceed with the Process. Where the NGO Board rejects the application. The applicant shall have a change to Appeal the decision.

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Renewal of a Wok permit in Kenya.

Renewal of a work Permit in Kenya.

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