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How to Register a recruitment agency in Kenya.

To carry on a recruitment or employment agency Business or consultancy in Kenya, you must seek registration and accreditation from the Ministry of Labor in Kenya. All companies and Businesses both local and international require to be accredited in order to conduct recruitment and employment Business anywhere in Kenya.

Any registered Employment or Recruitment Agency in Kenya, seeking to operate a private employment agency is required to submit an application in writing to the Director of Employment t.

At Biz Brokers Kenya we assist with the application, processing and registration of your Employment agency in Kenya.

Requirements for registration of an recruitment agency in Kenya.

To register a recruitment agency or company in Kenya you shall require the following.

  1. Business Registration Certificate/ Certificate of Incorporation.
  2. PIN Certificate.
  3. Tax Compliance Certificate.
  4. A copy of county government licenses.
  5. A copy of ID or Passport of the Directors.
  6. A valid work permit in case of any foreign directors.
  7. Copies of academic certificates of directors.
  8. Human resource Management certificate of at least one of the firm’s employees

registration of Employment Agency in Kenya

Upon presentation of the required documents and execution of the application Form. Your application is processed for registration

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