How to apply for scrap metal licence in kenya.

Scrap metal dealer License in Kenya, are Processes and registered by the scrap Metal council of Kenya an agency under the Misnitry of trade in kenya. Licensed Scrap Metal delares cannot deal in hazardous metals. The scrap metal council will determine which types of metals licensees can deal with.

The application process for Scrap Metal dealer license is strict and tedious due to unethical vandalism of critical infrastructure in the country.

What is a scrap metal Licence in Kenya?

A scrap metal collectors licence, Allows a scrap metal dealer to carry on business in a county as a mobile collector. This licence covers dealers who do not have a site and regularly collect through door-to-door collections. The dealer requires a separate licence for each county they operate in.

Types of Scrap Metal Dealers licenses in Kenya

  1. A Site License

A site license is issued by the local authority in whose scrap metal is situated. This license requires all of the sites where the licensee conducts a scrap metal business within the Local Authority area to be identified and a site manager named for each location.

  1. Collectors License

This allows a person to collect scrap metals (both commercial and domestic) in the issuing Local Authority area.  However, this license does not permit a person to collect scrap metals from another local authority area. One will need a separate license from each local authority where they wish to collect the metals.

Restriction on Dealing Scrap Metal in Kenya

No one or business shall deal in scrap metal, unless that person

  1. Has a licence issued by the Scrap Metal Council of Kenya.
  2. Is a member of Kenya Scrap Metal Dealers Association.
  3. Any person who contravenes subsection this commits an offence and is liable on conviction:

    • For a first offence to a fine not exceeding ten million shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years or both
    • For a second or subsequent offence to a fine not exceeding twenty million shillings or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding five years or both.

Requirements for scrap metal dealership license in Kenya.

  1. A Scrap Metal Dealers Association Membership Number and Certificate.
  2. Business Registration certificate.
  3. County Single Business permit.
  4. Contact information of the Business.
    • Postal address.
    • Telephone number.
    • Email Address.
  5. Physical address of the Business.  Address includes Name of road, Plot number, town, county.
  6. Plot Title or Lease Agreement.
  7. Tax Compliance Certificate.
  8. Director’s Details, i.e., KRA PIN and Certificate of Good Conduct
  9. Residential Physical address of the proprietor or partners.  The Address to includes Name of road, house number, town, county.

What are the charges for a scrap metal license in Kenya?

  1. Dealer Kes 250000
  2. Agents Kes 250000
  3. Miller Kes 250000
  4. Export Kes 250000
  5. Importer Kes 250000

Email Application:

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Scrap metal license application process in Kenya

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