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Kenya is a leading business hub in East and central Africa and the largest economy in the region making it a perfect business destination of choice.
Market entry strategies include the assessment, research and compliance likely to facilitate the entrance of a company’s merchandise , know how, human skills, managing, or other resources into oversea countries or markets
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Generally the best ways to enter a new market include

  • Visiting the country / market.
  • Appointing a local consultant.
  • Local partnerships
  • Market Entry research.

Market entry strategies in Kenya.

  1. Innovation Strategy.

    The use innovation strategy to enter into the Kenyan market. Effective innovation is the conception and execution of emerging trends, technologies, amenities and methods used in improved proficiency, efficiency and quality.
  2. Licensing Stratey

    Licensing is a bilateral or multilateral pact amongst businesses where the licensor allows the licensee to participate in a brand name, patent, or other proprietary right, in exchange for certain amounts of income. Licensing has over the years been applied by businesses when entering oversea markets in which they have no physical presence.
  3. Franchising Strategy

    Franchising is comparable to licensing. This is a process where Local businesses, the franchisees, execute payments and royalties to a foreign company, the franchiser, in return for the right to be identified by the franchisers trademark, to trade in the franchisers products or services and to use the franchisers brands and systems.
  4. Joint Venture Strategy

    joint venture strategy has been used as a market entry strategy to enter the Kenyan market for years. Most common in the property development industry and manufacturing. International joint ventures has been widely accepted by the business world. In this strategy, your company Joins Hands, Shares ownership and management with another company. This method works best for two Companies with complementary Assets, Distribution Channels, and Technology.
  5. Exporting

    Exporting is the most popular strategy used by businesses that intend to enter new markets. The Company produces products in the parent country and then exports them to foreign markets.
  6. Management Contracting Strategy

    Management contracting is another entry strategy where companies set up their own business in the Kenya so as to have full control business. Management contracting entry strategy is beneficial in the expansion of organization in situations where the obligatory management and the technical skills are hard to attain locally.
  7. Mergers & Acquisitions

    where two firms merge with only one surviving and the other going out of being as it is merged in the other company. one company (acquire) gets control over the other company (acquired) .

Market Entry Research Kenya.

  1. Research Design

    Research design is the conceptual structure within which research is concluded. It constitutes the blueprint for the collection, measurement and analysis of data
  2. Data Collection

    Primary data is obtained by use of research guide comprised of questions intended for tracking down data on market entry.
  3. Data Analysis

    The technique used to analyze the data and test the variables. The systematic in depth qualitative explanation of the objective for the study. It also comprised of detailed description and observation of data, objects or items which are involved in the research.

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