Filing of Company Annual returns, Kenya.

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Company Annual Returns, Kenya.

Biz Brokers Kenya Assists you in the preparation, execution and filing of your company annual returns in Kenya. All Limited companies are required by law to file annual returns every year with the Registrar of companies.

What are annual returns

Annual returns or Form 1. is a statutory document that every registered company in Kenya has to file with the registrar of companies to show the "current" status of the company. Annual returns highlight the structure of the company, the shareholding, the division of shares, the Nominal capital, the names and addresses of the directors and shareholders in a company. The current registered office of the company and details of the company secretary.

How to file annual returns in Kenya

All Companies should file the first annual return exactly One year and 6 months after incorporation.

Thereafter, the company has to file annual returns every other one year. Returns are filed by filling out a Form 1. Annual retun form. The form should then be certified by the company secretary and delivered for filing with the registrar of companies.

We assist you in the preparation, execution and filing of your company annual returns.

What is Included in an annual return.

All annual returns in Kenya incude the following.

- Name of the company

- Registered address of the company

- Nominal share capital of the company.

- Issued share capital of the company.

- Names and addresses of the shareholders of the company and the division of company shares.

- Names and addresses of the company directors.

- Name and address of the Company Secretary.

Where company annual returns are not filed in time. The registrar levies and Penalty on the company. In the event of any chnages in the company structure or in case of any business that requires the registrar to register any external documents like charges, morgages etc. Where annual retuns are not filed. The registrar shall not process such requests. The company also risks being struck off the register of companies.

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