Name search process in Kenya.

Name search - To register any business in Kenya, you must conduct a name search to ensure you have a unique name not similar to any registered name. Whether you intend to register a Business name or partnership, a Private limited company, a public company, a company limited by guarantee. The proposed name must be available prior to the registration.

All name searches and reservation are conducted by the Registrar of companies and registrar of Business names respectively and are done upon payment of the prescribed fees. The reservation of Business names is at the discretion of the Registrar.

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How to apply for a Name Search.

  • Name search applications have been integrated with the registration process in Kenya. You must provide at least three unique name suggestions in order of priority.
    An application for name search of a proposed Business is made to the registrar at the time of registration of a Business.
  • Upon submission, the registrar shall approve the available name and a certificate of name reservation shall be issued.

How to choose a name for your Business.

  • Keep in mind that you need a unique name that is not already registered. There are thousands of names already registered, hence you really have to think out of the box.
  • Consider the nature of Business you shall be undertaking. Some businesses need a suggestive name that indicates the type of Business. Yet at times, of you carry out multiple businesses you may need a neutral name.
  • Consider your intended audience or client base. Will they relate to the business name?.
  • You may also consider current trends in choosing a suitable name for your Business.

You cannot use the following names for a Business in Kenya.

    There are some words, terms and phrases you cannot use for your Business in Kenya, this include

  • Names starting with the word ‘Kenya’ are only reserved for Government use and cannot be used by private businesses.
  • Single words cannot be used.
  • Business names with the word “Enterprises” at the end cannot use Initials, for instance, E.O and Marley Enterprises.
  • Names with terms “Groups, projects and Holdings” must be limited companies. Eg., Otada Group Limited
  • Names with the terms “Trust, Foundation and programmers” can only be used by companies Limited by Guarantee.
  • Names with Relief cannot be used.
  • Names with terms like “welfare”, organization and Association cannot be registered as a Business.
  • Offensive or abusive words in any language are not accepted.
  • Political names eg. Nairobi Teen alliance etc are not allowed

Email Application:

Send a email with the above requirements to
search for a Business name.

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How do you check if a name is already taken?

To find out if a name is already in use in Kenya you may do the following.

  1. Conduct a name search during your registration process
  2. Initiate a CR12 check in your eCitizen account and if the name is already taken several options will show,

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