Immigration Dependant Pass, Kenya.

Dependant Pass application in Kenya.

A Dependant Pass in Kenya may be issued to the following persons.

  1. Dependants of Kenyan Citizens.
  2. Dependants of Permit holders.
  3. Dependants of Permanent residents.

A Dependant may be a minor child, spouse, parent or close relative Dependant of the permit holder, citizen or permanent resident..

A Dependant Pass may be issued for duration of the permit holder or where the applicant is a Dependant of a Kenyan citizen or a Permanent resident, the duration shall be determined by the immigration authorities.

Requirements for application of a Dependant Pass in Kenya

To make an application for a Dependant pass in Kenya, you shall require the following.

  • Application Form 28.
  • Detailed Cover Letter from the applicant.
  • Passport photos of the applicant.
  • Copies of passport of the Dependant and the applicant.
  • Evidence of the relationship between the applicant and the Dependant. Eg. certified copies of marriage certificate, birth certificate, and death certificate.
  • Proof of sufficient and assured income to sustain the applicant and the Dependant.
  • Copy of a valid permit for those applicants holding a immigration permit.

Dependant Pass in Kenya.

The application for a Dependant pass with all the requirements is addressed to the Director of Immigration Services Kenya.

Once the application has been processed and is successful an Approval certificate shall be issued with the terms of payment for the Permit.

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