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Applying for a Filming Licensing in Kenya.

To film in Kenya, whether a video shoot, series, documentary or a Movie you are required to obtain relevant permits form the Central goverment and the county goverments where the filing shall take place.

Biz Brokers Kenya Assists you in the process of Licensing, obtaining relevant permits and referance to Licensed filming agents in Kenya.

Filming License Process.
Licensing. We submit the prescribed Filming License application accompanied by a copy of the script and shooting synopsis to the Film Licensing Office.

Generally any foreign filming crew can arrive in the country on a normal visiting VISA, however upon arrival. We shall thereafter apply for the relevant special pass for you from the immigration department.

Import Duty on Film Gear.
Filing equipment may be allowed into the country on a temporary basis without any duty or taxes. This is however at the pleasure of the customs department. The Film crew must however seek exemption form the Tax department in advance.Some consumables like chemicals, make up, hair etc may be taxable though.

Requirments for filming in Kenya

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