Application for Class i Permit in Kenya.

A Class i immigration permit in Kenya is generally referred to as a missionary Permit and is generally issued to the following persons.

  1. Applicants involved in Missionary or religious works.
  2. Applicants involved in charitable works in Kenya.
  3. Applicants involved in Non Profit works in Kenya.
  4. Applicants involved in community benefit works in Kenya.

Requirements for application of a class i Permit in Kenya

To make an application for a Class i permit, you shall require the following.

  1. Application Form 25.
  2. Detailed Cover Letter from the organization or church.
  3. Passport photos of the applicant.
  4. Copy of passport of the applicant.
  5. Current immigration status if in the country.
  6. Copy of certificate or registration of the organization.
  7. Certified Copies of qualification and academic certificates if the applicant.
  8. Tax compliance certificate of the organization for a new application and Tax compliance of the organization and the applicant for a renewal.
  9. Contact information of the applicant and the organization. Inclining
    - Email address
    - Postal address.
    - Physical address of the organization.
    - Residential address of the applicant.
    - Telephone numbers.

Missionary permit in Kenya.

The application for a Class i permit with all the requirements is addressed to the Director of Immigration Services Kenya.

Once the application has been processed and is successful an Approval certificate shall be issued with the terms of payment for the Permit.

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