Branch Office of a Society in Kenya.

The Societies Act provides that "Every registered and every exempted society shall have an office and a postal address, and notice of the situation of the office and of the postal address shall be given to the Registrar in the prescribed form on application for registration or exemption from registration'

Open a Branch office of a society in Kenya?

Where a Society is interested in opening a Branch office of a registered Society in Kenya, the following procedure should be followed..

  1. Provision for formation of branches, if branches may be formed should be indicated in the constitution of the Society.
  2. Where there is no provision for opening of a Branch office, Notice of amendment of the constitution should be presented to the Registrar in the prescribed form.
  3. Notice in the prescribed form of the opening of a Branch office shall be given to the Registrar.
  4. Where the Notice is approved, an amendment shall be made on the certificate indicating the address of the branch offices of the Society.

Formation of branch of a Society in Kenya.

The provision for formation of branch offices of a Society in Kenya is Provided for Under the Schedule (S.19) of the Societies Act Under matters to be provided for in the Constitution or rules of a Society in Kenya.

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Branch office of an Association in Kenya

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