How can I check my title deed in Nairobi?.

As the Lands Registry goes Online, there is a massive backlog of data entry causing delays in Title searches in Nairobi
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Title Deed search in Nairobi.

Types of title deed searches in Nairobi,

  1. Manual search.

    This is a physical Title search at the Lands office in Nairobi.
    A copy of the title document, the PIN certificate and ID of the applicant is required to be submitted at the time of applying for a manual search..
  2. Online Search.

    You can also process a title deed search Online. Online search is conducted via E-citizen platform.

How to do an Online ministry of lands search in Nairobi.

You can process an Online title deed search in Nairobi as follows.

  • Via your E-Citizen account.
  • Click on the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning link.
  • Select the search option.
  • Provide the Title Number for the property. Fill out the Online search form and submit.
  • Pay the prescribed fee.
  • Download your signed and sealed title search report.

Where the property or lands record do not have a digital file, you can conduct a manual search at the lands office in Nairobi.

How to do a manual title search in Nairobi.

  • This is done physically at the ministry of lands registry in Nairobi.
    1. Upon payment of Kshs 500 for the search.
    2. submit a duly filled search application (form RL 26)
    3. Attach the copy title document.
  • Upon completion, the applicant is issued with a stamped Certificate of Official search - form RL 27 showing the status of the title.

Documents Required for title search in Nairobi.

  1. Application form for Official search (Form RL 26)
  2. Copy of Title
  3. Copy of PIN certificate.
  4. Copy of Identity card of the applicant.
  5. Copy of Foreign national registration certificate- alien card for foreigners residents.
  6. Copy of Passport for a non-citizens.

How much does it cost to do a title search in Nairobi?

A tile deed search costs Kes 500 ( five fundred shillings)

How do I check if a title deed is valid?

The only wany to confirm the validity of a title deed in Nairobi is to carry out a title deed search at the Monsitry of Lands in Nairobi.

The certificate of the registered transfer is collected at the Lands Office.

How long does it take to search a title deed in Nairobi?

The Duration of a search currently depnds on the status of the records

  1. The Online title search is processed instantly upon application as the records are already in the digital registry.
  2. The manual search takes 3 to 10 days to process.

How to check land ownership in Nairobi

To check the ownership status of any parcel of land in Nairobi, you need to do a search on the tile as describered above at the Minsitry of lands.

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