Business VISA services in Kenya.

A Business VISA is an immigration VISA issued to foreign nationals interested in prospecting or pursuing business interests in Kenya.
If you are a foreign National seeking to prospect for business in Kenya, you will require a business visa. A Kenya business visa allows you to prospect into commercial activities in Kenya, such as,

  1. Attending meetings
  2. Conducting market research
  3. Negotiating contracts
  4. etc

On a business visa, you can stay in Kenya for up to 90 days. You may apply to extend your business eVisa at the Immigration Headquarters located in Nairobi.

What is required for business visa in Kenya?

To make an application for a Business VISA in Kenya, you shall require the following.

  1. Valid national passport.
  2. Applicants Country of Residence.
  3. Applicants Physical Residential address
  4. Applicants contact information.
    • Telephone number
    • Postal address
    • email address.
  5. Applicants Marital Status.
  6. Applicants parents details.
    • Parents names
    • Parents Telephone numbers
    • Parents Postal address
  7. Applicants Proposed Date of Entry
  8. Passport photo of the applicant.
  9. Applicants Proposed Date of Departure from Kenya.
  10. Application for renewal Cover Letter from the company or organization offering employment.
  11. Full names and Physical Address of the Host in Kenya..
  12. Contact information of the Host. Email, Phone number, postal address and residential address.
  13. Recent Passport Size Photo.
  14. Passport Bio-Data Page.
  15. Airline Reservation ticker
  16. Hotel reservation or accommodation details.

Kenya Business VISA Application Process.

The first step in processing a Kenya business visa is to submit an application eVISA portal of the immigration department. All VISA applications are done Online.
Once you have complied all the required documents and information, the application is submitted via the eVISA portal.

How much is a business visa in Kenya?

The fees for a Kenya business visa Generally ranges from $51 to $100.

Documents required for a Kenya business visa

You shall require the following documents to apply for a Kenya Business VISA.

  1. Completed Kenya eVisa application form
  2. Copy of the passport biographical page
  3. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your intended arrival date
  4. Business invitation letter
  5. Company registration document
  6. Proof of return or onward travel

Kenya business visa invitation letter required

A foreign national who intends to travel on a Business VISA into kenya requires an invitation letter from he's business contacts in Kenya in order to apply for a business visa.
The invitation letter should be written by the Kenyan Company, organization or individual you will be conducting business with while in Kenya.
The letter must indicate the reason for the trip to Kenya. for example, a meeting or conference, and contact details for the company. It must be printed on company letterhead.

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