Application for Permanent Residency by work permit holder in Kenya.

Foreign Nationals in Kenya who have held a work permit or other immigration permit for over seven (7) years may apply for Permanent Residency in Kenya.

The applicant must provide proof of lawful residence on a work permit or other immigration permit for a minimum of seven (7) years and with continuous three years residency in Kenya preceding the application for permanent residency.

The applicant must show a convincing position to make contributions to socio economic development of the country. Priority shall be given to investors and highly qualified professionals. The applicant may be required to appear in person for interview to confirm or verify the application

The following persons can by Law apply for Permanent residency in Kenya

Requirements for application for Permanent Residency by Permit Holders in Kenya.

To make an application to be a Permanent resident under Category B in Kenya you shall require the following.

  1. An application cover letter

  2. Copy of valid Passport of applicant

  3. Permanent residence application form (form 23)

  4. Category A - Questionnaire for Intending Applicant.

  5. Print out Residence status form which is generated after completion of your application.

  6. 2 Recent passport size photographs.

  7. Copy of valid tax compliance certificate

  8. Police Clearance Certificate issued by country of current domicile.

  9. Proof of current citizenship. Eg Registration or naturalization certificate and Passport of new country of domicile.

  10. Police Clearance Certificate.

  11. Introductory letter from employer (applicable for employees)

  12. Copy of valid foreigner certificate (Allen card)

  13. Where the applicant is a Spouse of the Permit Holder, they must in addition provide the following.

  14. Certified copy of the marriage certificate

  15. Copy of Dependant pass/work permit.

  16. If the applicant is a child of the Permit holder, they must in addition provide the following.

  17. Certified copy of the birth certificate.

  18. Certified copies of the parents birth certificates.

  19. Copy of Dependant pass

How to apply for Permanent Residency in Kenya by a permit Holder.

After compilation of all the Requirements. The application for Permanent residency by a Permit Holder in Kenya, with all the requirements is made to the Director of Immigration Services Kenya.

Once the application has been processed and is successful an Approval certificate shall be issued containing the terms of the Residency.

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