How to apply for a certified copy of a Death certificate in Kenya?.

Applications for issuance of a death certificate or copies thereof can be done at

  1. Any Civil Registration office in Kenya.
  2. Huduma Centre Countrywide
  3. Online via e-citizen portal.

You may require a copy of replacement of a Death certificate for many reasons including.

  1. Lost death certificate.
  2. Damaged death certificate.
  3. Verification of death.
To apply for a certified copy or a replacement of a death certificate in Kenya can be done either Online in the applicants eCitizen account or via manual application at the local registry where the death occurred.

Who qualified to apply for a copy of a death certificate in Kenya?

The following persons may apply for a certified copy of a death certificate in Kenya,

  1. Immediate relatives of the deceased - IE Next of Kins, spoused, Dependants etc.
  2. Insurance companies
  3. Employers
  4. Estate administrators

Requirements for application of a certified copy of a death certificate in Kenya,

  1. Copy of search form
  2. Full name of Deceased.
  3. Address of applicant
  4. Date of death
  5. Place of death
  6. Notification of death.
  7. Copy of applicants National ID
  8. Entry number of death certificate if available
  9. Copy of Burial permit.

Application for replacement of a lost, damaged or defaced Death certificate in Kenya.

You can also make a physical application for replacement of a lost death record in Kenya

Duplicate death certificate Kenya.

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